Emergency Advice




In the event of discovering a fire always raise the alarm and evacuate the building or vacate the area



Then dial 999 and give clear details of the emergency and location



Fire can be a sneaky little devil and occur when you least expect it - Take care



After all you dont want to end up with this do you ?



Be careful when cooking and never leave cooking appliance unattended when in use


If you dont have any smoke alarms then get some, Better still why not contact your local fire station who will be only too willing to call at your home at a convenient time for you and carry out a FREE home fire risk assessment. They will even provide and fit 10 year smoke alrms for you.

ITS ALL FREE so dont delay, ring them today



If you already have smoke alarms then make sure you test them weekly





Why not invest in a fire extingusher



They are not expensive and could save alot of heart ache

ONLY ever tackle a fire if safe to do so. Always face the fire with your back to a safe exit route

NEVER put yourself or others in danger

If in doubt, get out get the professionals out and stay out








Children and matches are a major cause of fire in the home. Always keep matches out of reach of children