Television Appearances "Where The Heart Is"


Some photos of our engine and firefighter's in action.

These were taken in Slaithwaite near Huddersfield West Yorkshire on the set of "Where The Heart Is"

These are of the fatal house fire in which Sally ( Samantha Giles - Ex Bernice in Emmerdale ) died despite a gallant rescue attempt by our fire fighters.

This is us doing our PR bit as we entertain Samantha Giles, her friend and her son.



Our hero's rehearse their part in readiness for action



This is me keeping a close eye on what is happening


Sally's home bask's in the moonlight just before the fatal fire starts


The fire is just beginning, you can just see the glow from within


The next two pictures are of the fire taking hold




Our fire fighters come to the rescue






Our fire fighters get kitted up in their BA sets


Our Station Officer Andy comforts David (Phil Middlemiss), who was suffering from the effects of smoke after helping to rescue some of the family prior to the arrival of our fire fighters


Our fire fighters rescue baby Rachel first, from the upstair's front bedroom, after Sally passed her to them through the open window


Then they returned to rescue Sally


After her rescue, Sally is carried away to the awaiting Ambulance


The Ambulance head's off to hospital with Sally and baby Rachel onboard


The smoudering aftermath of the family home